Why 4pm

Owner's Perspective

We emphasize our client’s objectives. Each principal of 4PM has not only managed projects for owners but as owners. We know first hand the concerns of delivering on your promises while balancing your budget.

Proven Funding Strategies

We ensure project success with innovative funding sources. Projects don’t start with construction, they start with a vision and how you fund that vision. 4PM understands the complexities of funding public projects and can help you determine the most effective and efficient way to fund yours. Ask your other construction managers if they can help you with how you fund your project.


We encourage collaboration among competing disciplines. Traditionally the design, bid, build process has created an adversarial relationship between owners and contractors. Owners are demanding the lowest price and contractors are seeking to make it up with change orders. Our Collaborative Construction process brings the contractor on board early in the design process and build a team, all of whom are working toward the same objective, the best project at the best price.

Best Practices

We employ the best practices of the private sector in the public sector. For years the private sector has successfully employed some form of integrated project delivery to control costs, delivery and quality of projects. However, many believe such is impossible in the public sector due to bidding requirements. Georgia’s Local Government Public Works Construction Law requires competitive pricing rather than bidding. 4PM’s Collaborative Construction process retains competitive pricing, while building team work, allowing our clients to choose the best not partner, not the cheapest contractor.