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The services provided by 4PM and CDP are from the same Team and often overlap based on what a client needs. 4 PM services range from purely governmental building development to public-private partnership projects with local government and their development authorities. CDP’s services to public and private clients focus on real estate development projects from the ground up. These projects may be mixed use or single purpose. CDP acting as the managing real estate developer, provides the client decades of our development expertise. CDP identifies the most productive economic utilization for the property and through coordination with other specialized partner teams works to bring a project to fruition.

Project Assessment
Public Project Management
Systems to Mitigate Construction Risk
Economic Development Training
Project Economic Forecasts
Public-Private Partnership Structures

Market Research and Demand Studies
Site Information and Due Diligence
Preliminary Plans
Feasibility Analysis
Project Construction Budgets
Project Incentives Analysis
Public-Private Partnership Structures
Construction Management
Leasing Management

We Can Help!

4PM offers a variety of services to our clients
focused on helping them achieve the
success they desire for their community.


Kirby Glaze has served as program speaker and seminar leader in a variety of university and professional forums, including the Georgia Economic Developers Association, Georgia Municipal Association, The Georgia Department of Community Affairs, and The Annual Institute for City-County Attorneys.  Kirby regularly provides the legal and ethical portions of the Downtown Development Authority Board Training programs.

4PM provides training programs for local governments and their community and economic development entities who wish to foster a more in depth understanding of the public role in community and economic development, the tools available and the forces at play.  These programs are generally half day or full day programs tailored to the specifics of the community.

Ongoing Consulting

Often communities find themselves at the cross roads of their economic future.  What do we do next?  4PM works on an ongoing basis with such communities and their designated agencies to help develop the strategies to move them forward.  Meeting on a regular basis with the client and making themselves available for phone and email consultation, 4PM strives to help guide and facilitate good decision making by providing insight into the legal, financial, design, construction and operational issues they are facing.  With over 30 years of experience in community and economic development,  we understand that the most important step in changing the future of your community is the first one.  We work to help you make sure it is the right one.

Project Assessment

Often communities have a vision for a project, but simply aren’t sure how, or even if, they can make it happen.  4PM works with communities to apply real world strategies to community visions.  What are you seeking to accomplish?  What is it likely to cost?  Where will the money come from?  How can we deliver it?  The answers to these and many other questions often form the basis for good decision making on community projects.  We help provide the answers so you can make the best decisions.

Public Project Management

Have you ever undertaken a SPLOST, or other publicly funded project, only to discover after paying for the design that the cost to construct would exceed your budget; or have you started a project only to have cost overruns and construction change orders exceed the project budget.  4PM has developed a process for working with the design team, a qualified contractor and you to establish a manageable budget, a design to fit it, a Guaranteed Fixed Price construction process and cost controls that helps you avoid the uncertainties of construction risks.  You deliver what you promised at the price you can afford.

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